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Mile Medical

Healthcare company for

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Mile Medical is a pharmaceutical trading company that works with distinguished brands in the pharmaceutical

We care

We care about the healthcare sector in the kingdom and we do our best everyday.

We serve

We serve clinics and hospitals by all our strengths to ensure the best experience.

We protect

We protect patients' lives by being 100% dedicated to our job on a daily basis.

milemedical Mile medical
Healthcare Company

Solution for Pharmaceutical industry

We specialize in the importation and distribution of pharmaceutical products. We are determined to contribute to human health by providing the best drugs for health workers through our partnership with premium brands and our concerted efforts to add value to the health care sector of the country.

International Company

World-leading companies representative

Mile Medical is proud to represent some of the world’s pharmaceutical leading multinational principal companies in Saudi Arabia.

milemedical Mile medical

Take advantage of our expertise

We help our clients succeed by being dedicated to them. We understand 100% of business challenges which helps us to give the best solutions for our partners.

Experience & Expertise
Our team has the required training and knowledge to facilitate and execute any aspect of our business activities
One of our unique strengths is our ability to make vital drugs available for doctors and health workers
We are consistent in our efforts to build a company that works with only the best brands with international recognition.
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We care about healthcare experience