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Profesional Expertise

They trust Mile Medical. But why?

We help our clients succeed by being dedicated to them. We understand 100% of business challenges which helps us to give the best solutions for our partners.

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We are a team, we support, we care, and we continue to expand our reach!

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Healthcare Program

Experience & Expertise​​

We have the experience and expertise within our ranks to meet the needs of our respective clients while also ensuring excellence across all boards. Our team has the required training and knowledge to facilitate and execute any aspect of our business activities without any issues.​​


One of our unique strengths is our ability to make vital drugs available for doctors and health workers. Hospitals or clinics do not have to source for drugs on their own, thereby leading to loss of time and energy. We take it upon ourselves to partner with internationally renowned drug manufacturing companies that develop bespoke products. We anticipate our client's needs, and we position ourselves to meet their specific needs.​​


We are consistent in our efforts to build a company that works with only the best brands with international recognition. We have partnered with exclusive brands across the world. The quality policy in the selection of the brands is premium products and compliance with standards of quality and innovation. Our partners must comply with a strict set of values and requirements before we partner with them. Also, we build sustainable relationships with our clients- hospitals and clinics which ensures continued and hassle-free transactions. We play a positive role in ensuring quality service delivery to patients.​

Real Delivery Times​

Due to the importance of our services, we leverage our expertise, experience, and partnership to ensure that products are delivered to clients right on schedule to facilitate quality service delivery to clients. We have all it takes to meet the deadline, offer opportunities, and deliver great value to various hospitals that choose to work with us.

Customized Services

We respond to the need of each hospital or clinic in a tailored way. We understand that the needs of each medical facility are different; hence, we design our approach in a way that will suit the respective needs of each hospital or clinic as we maximize all options to make it possible for them to meet the needs of their various patients.

Best Price

Due to the relationship we have built with various companies that manufacture the drug, and our high purchasing power, we are able to deliver drugs to hospitals at relatively cheaper prices as opposed to what is obtainable elsewhere. We buy from manufacturers and sell directly to hospitals thereby cutting the impact of retailers in the value chain.


Efficiency is fundamental in all aspects of our business. Our logistics department is optimized to carry out timely delivery to respective clients. We see logistics as an essential aspect of our supply chain as it enhances our efforts to meet the deadline, improves our efficiency, and benefits doctors and patients.

We care about healthcare experience